Friday, August 6, 2010


It's official!!! I belong to my mom!! AKC FINALLY transferred my papers.
My mom said she is going to enter me in my first agility trial in October. She also said we will be practicing weavepoles A LOT! I hope that I can do good and show everyone what a wild child I really am. :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010


The fair was a whole new experience! It was fun. My mom didn't like it that I barked a lot, but there was just soooo much going on! I wasn't too happy that I didn't get to play agility like everybody else, but my mom told me next year I could do that too. Saturday it was fun... IT RAINED! Today it was soooo hot that I tried to lay down while we walked around the ring during obedience, but my mom made me keep moving. I am sooooo glad that I home now in the air conditioning.... OOoooo sooooo nice!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wow It's been a LONG time!

Sorry friends that its been so long!
Lets see...
My mom came back from Colorado with a surprise for me.... RABBIT FUR!! I LOVE IT!
I was soooo excited and it smells o so good! You should try it!

Other than that we just finished up Level 3 agility class, but we will be repeating. My mom told me that I have to learn to control myself a little more, and listen a little better. I LOVE agility!

This weekend we are going to something called a fair?!? I haven't heard of this before, but my mom ensures me tons of fun with my furfriends. I can't wait! And... my family gets to go too (Newton, Qui-gon, and Nitro). My mom told me that I won't be doing much agility though, I'm not trustworthy enough? We'll see... maybe I can show off my skills :)

Oh and I forgot one of the most important new updates. My big brother has finally decided agility is fun! He did a wonderful job at the agility trial this past weekend. Mom was REALLY happy and REALLY proud of my big brother. He earned new ribbons a blue and a red one too!!

Until next time (Hopefully it won't take so long).

Turbo T

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Recent Happenings

Its been awhile since I've been able to get on here...
First, camping... OH MY! I did not know what my mom had gotten me into!
I had fun, but it was HOT and I panted all day long to try to stay cool. I did get to help one of my best furfriends Zoey bark at everyone that passed by.... it was FUN!! Overall I would say that camping was a success.

I had agility class yesterday. My mom said I was a good boy.

Tonight my mom took me on a trip to who see Alicia. Alicia worked with my mom so that we can improve our agility time. She worked on a lot of foot work. I hope that my mom can practice with me so we can show off in agility class.

My mom broke some sad news to me today... :( She is leaving for a week!!! A WHOLE week?!? Can you believe it? She said that my grandma will take me to class though, so I still get to run agility! I am not happy about her leaving, but at least I get to do agility! Maybe she'll bring me home something good??

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pictures of my fur-family

This next picture shows all of my fur-family, except for Levi. My grandma tells me he is a fraidy-boy, and doesn't get to go places like the rest of us.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My New Life

I have been at my home for what my mommy tells me is about 2 months. I love my mommy! We get to play all the time, and I LOOOOVE it! I get to run REALLY fast. My mom gets upset though because I get soooo excited that I can't stop barking at her. She just doesn't get that I can't control myself, and I'm ready to go go go! I have met some fun new friends too.

This weekend should be fun, we are going camping?? I am not sure what camping is, but if mom says it is fun I believe her. I hope that I can get my afternoon nap though!

I will put some videos of me doing agility on here as soon as my mom puts them on the computer!

Peace, Love, and Barking Dogs,