Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pictures of my fur-family

This next picture shows all of my fur-family, except for Levi. My grandma tells me he is a fraidy-boy, and doesn't get to go places like the rest of us.


  1. Welcome to blog land, Turbo. I'm a friend of Sagira and Starrs and stopped by to welcome you and become your follower. I'm an overwhelmed blogger who doesn't have time to leave comments even on my favorite blogs, but you do have my support and my help if you need it.
    Twinkie the teacup chi

  2. Hi, Turbo! We are visiting from Sagira's blog. We look forward to hearing about all your adventures. You can visit our blog at


  3. We are looking forward to seeing all of your agility adventures and mis-adventures, too. Sagira is a furry good friend to you!

  4. Hi Turbo! We came over from Sagira's blog! It is very nice to meet you - you are a very cute doggie! We hope you don't mind having kitties visit you - we like dogs a lot too! We can't wait to read more about you!