Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Recent Happenings

Its been awhile since I've been able to get on here...
First, camping... OH MY! I did not know what my mom had gotten me into!
I had fun, but it was HOT and I panted all day long to try to stay cool. I did get to help one of my best furfriends Zoey bark at everyone that passed by.... it was FUN!! Overall I would say that camping was a success.

I had agility class yesterday. My mom said I was a good boy.

Tonight my mom took me on a trip to who see Alicia. Alicia worked with my mom so that we can improve our agility time. She worked on a lot of foot work. I hope that my mom can practice with me so we can show off in agility class.

My mom broke some sad news to me today... :( She is leaving for a week!!! A WHOLE week?!? Can you believe it? She said that my grandma will take me to class though, so I still get to run agility! I am not happy about her leaving, but at least I get to do agility! Maybe she'll bring me home something good??

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pictures of my fur-family

This next picture shows all of my fur-family, except for Levi. My grandma tells me he is a fraidy-boy, and doesn't get to go places like the rest of us.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My New Life

I have been at my home for what my mommy tells me is about 2 months. I love my mommy! We get to play all the time, and I LOOOOVE it! I get to run REALLY fast. My mom gets upset though because I get soooo excited that I can't stop barking at her. She just doesn't get that I can't control myself, and I'm ready to go go go! I have met some fun new friends too.

This weekend should be fun, we are going camping?? I am not sure what camping is, but if mom says it is fun I believe her. I hope that I can get my afternoon nap though!

I will put some videos of me doing agility on here as soon as my mom puts them on the computer!

Peace, Love, and Barking Dogs,