Friday, July 30, 2010

Wow It's been a LONG time!

Sorry friends that its been so long!
Lets see...
My mom came back from Colorado with a surprise for me.... RABBIT FUR!! I LOVE IT!
I was soooo excited and it smells o so good! You should try it!

Other than that we just finished up Level 3 agility class, but we will be repeating. My mom told me that I have to learn to control myself a little more, and listen a little better. I LOVE agility!

This weekend we are going to something called a fair?!? I haven't heard of this before, but my mom ensures me tons of fun with my furfriends. I can't wait! And... my family gets to go too (Newton, Qui-gon, and Nitro). My mom told me that I won't be doing much agility though, I'm not trustworthy enough? We'll see... maybe I can show off my skills :)

Oh and I forgot one of the most important new updates. My big brother has finally decided agility is fun! He did a wonderful job at the agility trial this past weekend. Mom was REALLY happy and REALLY proud of my big brother. He earned new ribbons a blue and a red one too!!

Until next time (Hopefully it won't take so long).

Turbo T