Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My New Life

I have been at my home for what my mommy tells me is about 2 months. I love my mommy! We get to play all the time, and I LOOOOVE it! I get to run REALLY fast. My mom gets upset though because I get soooo excited that I can't stop barking at her. She just doesn't get that I can't control myself, and I'm ready to go go go! I have met some fun new friends too.

This weekend should be fun, we are going camping?? I am not sure what camping is, but if mom says it is fun I believe her. I hope that I can get my afternoon nap though!

I will put some videos of me doing agility on here as soon as my mom puts them on the computer!

Peace, Love, and Barking Dogs,


  1. Hi Turbo! Welcome to the blogging world. I can't wait to go camping with you this weekend. My mom said it will be fun, too. I hope so. See you in agility class tomorrow!

    Your pal,
    Zoey :)

  2. Hi Zoey! I can't wait to see what this camping thing is all about. I will see you tonight for agility! :)

  3. Welcome to blog world! It is addicting. :)

  4. Hi Turbo! Welcome to the world of blogging! I love your header photo! Hope you have a great time camping and we'll look forward to seeing your agility videos soon!

  5. Welkhome!

    Be ready fur lots and lots of FUN!