Sunday, August 1, 2010


The fair was a whole new experience! It was fun. My mom didn't like it that I barked a lot, but there was just soooo much going on! I wasn't too happy that I didn't get to play agility like everybody else, but my mom told me next year I could do that too. Saturday it was fun... IT RAINED! Today it was soooo hot that I tried to lay down while we walked around the ring during obedience, but my mom made me keep moving. I am sooooo glad that I home now in the air conditioning.... OOoooo sooooo nice!


  1. Did you get any pictures? I've had my furrkids do the same thing, when it is hot they have other things in mind!


  2. It was nice to see you at the fair. It was getting hot towards the end of the day. Glad I had the day to sleep it off before mom and dad got home.