Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wow it's been way too long!

I can't believe I haven't written here since August!! I really need to get on here more often. Life has been crazy lately!
My mom and I have been doin agility many times a week, and I LOVE it!! We have seen a new friend Jenn for lessons, classes two nights a week, and run thrus on Friday nights (when mom isn't too tired), and running on Sundays too.
Mom has been telling me that I'm a good boy, and may be ready for my second debut into the agility world!! She is going to enter me in a trial for April, and maybe one in March.
My brother Nitro is also doing well.. He is now in Open JWW Preferred of course. Mom was sooo happy that he made it out of Novice. He only needs one more Q for his Open title. Mom is going to show him one last time in Novice STD to try and get that title too!
Hmm what else is new? I am excited that my mom may have a teaching job which means more money for agility!! We won't know for another week or so. It may also mean a new house eventually.
Oh yes and I have a visitor too... Bilbo our STD Schnauzer friend is back. We aren't sure for how long, but that's ok...he's a cool dude!
Until next time...
Peace, Love, and Turbo kisses!!


  1. Welcome back Turby! All those agility classes are paying off. I watched you in class the other day and you did awesome! :) Mom says I might be in the April trial, too. Yay!
    Paws & Slobbers,

  2. Sounds like you are doing just tons and tons of agility! Hope to see you at a trial soon!

  3. Yes, it has been way too long. You do need to post on here more often. :)

    Sounds like you're doing awesome at agility Turbo. Happy that Nitro is moving up as well and only needs one more leg.

    Have fun with your friend Bilbo! :)